Modular Group is at the forefront of SIP panel manufacturing and gave PH&HL a valuable insight into the new construction trend gripping the sector…

Modular Group’s CEO Ian Alderson

Technology and capabilities are constantly evolving, along with the desire to meet consistently higher standards of construction for the buildings that we will cherish for many years; whether it is our permanent residence or holiday home.

The manufacture of park homes and holiday lodges, in their modular form, has naturally seen progressive development over the years as professional associations continue to upgrade the build standards in line with new technology, as with any construction process.

However, the major new trend taking grip among manufacturers is to construct the core frame of the building using Structural Insulated Panels, more commonly known as SIPs, which is another deviation completely, as this has been implemented by a manufacturer, rather than due to changes
in building regulations.

A real passion
Ian Alderson, CEO of Modular Group, has a passion for using SIPs. Ian told us: ‘In the beginning, when I first started building garden and office buildings, it went against the grain to simply use traditional methods. I had a passion for seeking out innovative new techniques, which to me was key to business growth. Today, all our buildings are constructed using SIPs from the small garden room, right through to twin lodges.

Inside the Modular Group’s stunning Bothy lodge, which turned heads at industry shows and events last year

‘Modular Group was the first to use SIPs in their construction and we are pleased to see that other manufacturers are now understanding the benefits and starting to use the panels in their construction.

‘We went to the next level and began manufacturing the SIPs ourselves, giving us full control of our construction, and it is now an additional business for us as we have become a SIPs wholesaler, and open for sales to other manufacturers.’

What are the benefits?
We looked further into the benefits of SIP construction, which is quite comprehensive. The key aspect that owners will appreciate is the exceptional thermal properties, which keep the heat in, exactly where you want it, with its airtightness and high-performance levels.

SIPs can achieve thermal class 4, with class 3 as standard, which with extreme temperatures outside, can easily maintain 20c inside. SIPs are known to be as much as 40 per cent more energy-efficient than traditional timber framing, creating an eco-friendly environment.

The Modular Group’s impressive factory

The nature of the panel construction provides a highly durable and solid construction, providing outstanding sound insulation, which is great for a multi-occupancy building or exposed sites.
Together with the above elements SIPs construction achieves sustainability, durability, and longevity with faster construction and lower labour requirements. The manufacturing process is highly energy-efficient compared to traditional methods, adding a positive contribution to the environment by reducing CO2 levels.

Buildings suitable for SIPs
Modular Group has proved the versatility of using SIPs by using them in all its buildings, which include glamping units, mini-lodge retreats, single lodges, twin lodges, utility buildings, commercial buildings, garden offices, garden gyms, and various other bespoke buildings, all constructed fully built/fitted, as a shell or flatpack kits.
The panels are perfect for those who prefer a flatpack kit, which is great for areas with poor access, or indeed those who prefer to take control of the construction and personalise the interior of the building, once complete.

All buildings in the range are available from Modular Group as a flatpack kit; this could be a compact building such as a garden room, or it could be a full-size lodge. Purchasing a lodge as a flatpack kit is becoming a popular enquiry for Modular Group and we feel is another trend in the making!

This graphic clearly shows how SIP panelling is utilised in the construction of the Bothy

SIP construction
The more details we hear about SIP construction, the more we can see it will be the way forward for a large selection of manufacturers. The environment that we live in dictates the need for sustainability and eco-friendly products – whether we are talking about the home we live in, our cars, our clothes, our eating habits, or simply our lifestyle choices.
The construction of the home we live in seems a great place to start, with SIP construction offering some clear environmental benefits.

Info point
Modular Group is at: Unit 3B,
Frontier Avenue, Frontier Park,
Blackburn, Lancashire BB1 3AL
T: 01254 916191