Do you have some time to spare to help and listen to fellow park home residents? You could become a volunteer operator for Park-HELP-Line…

Due to the ever-increasing demands on this free, friendly and confidential service that have increased dramatically since its launch, Park-HELP-Line needs more park home residents to become part of its team of operators who offer support to other park home residents.

No experience is necessary as a full training guide will be provided along with a Park-HELP-Line telephone to install in your home.

Park-HELP-Line is not an advisory service. Callers to the help line can be assured that their problems or worries will be listened to by like-minded residents who truly understand the highs and lows of park home living and who will direct them to those who can best assist with all matters related to the lifestyle.

Park-HELP-Line – whose amazing operators have received so many good commendations and messages of thanks from residents – was initiated by Sonia McColl OBE of the Park Home Owners’ Justice Campaign. However, without the belief and constant support of its sponsor – Paul Baker of Paul Baker Insurance Services – it would not be able to help as many residents.

Many callers need professional help but solicitors can be very costly; therefore, Park-HELP-Line is grateful for the assistance of Sam Mayer, of Henriques Griffiths solicitors, and callers who need legal help will receive a free initial consultation of their problem when introduced by Park-HELP-Line.

If you would like to be a valuable member of Park-HELP-Line, that not only offers help but also a confidential and sympathetic ear to those who may be alone and afraid, please email Sonia McColl at with your telephone number to discuss informally.
Park-HELP-Line is open for callers from 10am to 5pm from Monday to Friday and can be reached on 020 3846 6601.