We learn more about the Government’s Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme and what it means for qualifying park home residents…

A Government shake up of the Warm Home Discount (WHD) initiative, which reopens this November, has some important implications for park home residents.

The discount was first introduced by the Government in 2011. You qualify for the WHD if you get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit, or you’re on a low income and meet your energy supplier’s criteria for the scheme. Eligibility is ascertained by data-matching between energy suppliers and Government departments.

The value of the WHD payment has gone up from £140 to £150 for the winter of 2022/23. Those who live in bricks-and-mortar houses do not need to apply in order to receive it, but – crucially – some of those living in mobile homes on residential parks do.

This is because the payment is credited automatically to the consumer’s electricity supply account and many park home owners have their electricity supplied and billed by their site owner.

These park home owners will, in fact, receive an alternative form of the WHD and will need to apply for it. They will still receive the same discount on their bill – £150. For more information about this, the Government advises park home owners to visit www.gov.uk and search for ‘Warm Home Discount’. As we went to press, the Government’s website had not yet been updated to keep pace with its announcement. The page should be updated soon. The one-off discount will be granted between November 2022 and March 2023.

WHD changes for 2022/23 include an increase in the number of energy suppliers participating, while those on disability benefits who don’t have low incomes or high energy costs will not receive it.