According to a new survey, eating fish and chips at the beach is Brits’ top memory from childhood holidays.

The study, commissioned by leading UK holiday park operator, Park Leisure, asked 2000 adults for their best memories of domestic holidays, with more than half (52 per cent) saying a seaside trip to a chippy was a happy holiday memory from their youth.

Other fond memories included paddling in the sea (47 per cent) and exploring rock pools (29 per cent), with other beach activities such as crabbing (16 per cent) or having a ride on a donkey (14 per cent), also recorded as good memories. For lots of families, childhood holidays involved staying in a caravan, with almost two-in-five (39 per cent) of Brits nostalgic for this style of vacation. Out of all the age groups, Gen Z (18 to 24-year-olds) rank caravan holidays the highest amongst their childhood memories, showing how their appeal remains as great as ever.

The nation’s top 10 favourite memories of holidays in the UK are: eating fish and chips at the beach (52 per cent); paddling in the sea (47 per cent); going for walks (44 per cent); playing in amusement arcades at the seaside (41 per cent); staying in a caravan (39 per cent); picnics (32 per cent); exploring rock pools (29 per cent); playing games with family and friends (26 per cent); making new friends (20 per cent); and barbecues (17 per cent).