We hear a first hand testimony from a Kent park resident about how moving to a mobile home has helped save her a fortune…

Back in our February 2023 issue, we profiled Wyldecrest’s Shirkoak Park, which occupies a leafy location in the Kentish village of Woodchurch.

Since then, one of Shirkoak’s newest additions to its park home community has written a blog post on the Wyldecrest Parks’ website about life on the company’s site.

Shirley said: ‘Since I moved to a park home, the stress of keeping up with the maintenance completely eased! I can finish cleaning my home in under 30 minutes now!

‘I was living in a two-up and two-down house. But in terms of living space, I had as much space in our park home as we had in that house. A lot of space I feel gets wasted in stairs, which basically take up a lot of unnecessary space!

‘We have an amazing community on the park. I know it sounds too good to be true but we have our privacy but at the same time an amazing community spirit on the park.’

Shirley added that her fuel bills have also been greatly reduced since moving to Shirkoak. She explained: ‘My electricity bills came down massively when I moved to a park home. Even in the bitterest of colds I have only ever needed one radiator on and it feels warm and toasty throughout. There are no draughts either.

‘I think my water and electric bills are down to a third even in spite of recent increases.’

Shirkoak Park provides both an idyllic place to relax and enjoy life, as well as a fantastic investment opportunity.

Shirkoak Park is at: Bethersden Road, Woodchurch, Kent TN26 3RP

For more information about the park, please visit www.wyldecrestparks.com.