Prestige, one of the UK’s leading park home providers, has pledged to put sustainability at the top of its agenda.  The company has just completed a green audit of its procurement policies to ensure best practice where possible. The news came ahead of Prestige’s ‘Come shopping with us for the week’ campaign.
Serious about sustainability

Head of procurement, Gary Hill, said: ‘At Prestige we take our commitment to sustainability very seriously indeed. We accept that success will not be achieved overnight, rather this is a long-term undertaking to choose more sustainable products and services where possible without compromising on quality.

‘We also accept that our customers are voting with their feet. Quite rightly they are concerned about the effects of climate change, and they are increasingly reluctant to buy products that don’t have sustainability credentials.’

Prestige has cited four policies which are embedded into the business: 1) buy locally to reduce carbon emissions through delivery; 2) source from companies who themselves have robust sustainability credentials and 3) use renewable energy and 4) recycled materials where possible.

Mr Hill said that potential purchasers could view the homes for themselves at Prestige’s one-acre showground site at Rushden, in Northamptonshire.

He said: ‘If you can, we highly recommend visiting our showground in person, to truly get a feel of the homes, and to chat to our sales team who are ready to answer any question or queries.’

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