Plastic-based decking boards have become very popular on holiday parks, with their ease or maintenance and long lifespan.

There are now many different types and specialist manufacturers of sustainable uPVC decking for holiday homes – one of them, DekBoard, has just announced a new addition to its range: the innovative DekBoard Plus.

Designed specifically for holiday homes and park homes, DekBoard Plus is a wider 195mm uPVC board which offers a unique sleek finish. It is available in a range of colours to suit different styles of holiday homes and features an embossed timber-effect surface which provides slip resistance.

The slightly domed exterior allows water to run off the board more effectively, and the company claims that the boards offer a safe, secure underfoot surface in both dry and wet weathers.

The company also explains that, unlike timber, DekBoard Plus will not crack, splinter, or warp, providing a long-lasting decking solution that will retain its looks and stability over many years. It also requires very little maintenance and no treatments or paints.

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