Park home residents face losing the tranquillity that surrounds their park if huge development plans come to fruition…

Owners of park homes at an Oxfordshire site say their dreams of a new life in the country have been shattered since they learned of plans for a development that could surround their site.

Views are being sought on a huge development which could see more than 1,500 brick-built homes built in Barton, Oxfordshire, near Wick Farm Park, in Headington.

Among the plans by Christ Church and Dorchester Residential Management are 1,450 homes and 120 assisted living dwellings, a new primary school and contributions to a new secondary school, a new bus lane on the A40 and new links across the A40 including a foot and cycle bridge.

But Gary Loveridge – a resident at the Countrywide Parks’ site – is furious. He said: ‘We all moved here for the same reason – that we did not want to live in town anymore. We wanted to live in the countryside.

‘This park has been here since the 1960s. Christ Church have walked all over us. The first we knew about it was a letter saying this is what’s going to be built here.

‘We’ve been written to with 400 odd pages of information that no one understands and told to get our objections in within a week.

‘We don’t even have a formal idea of what they are building, things keep being added in.

‘They are treating us absolutely appallingly.’

A spokesperson for Christ Church said since the site was allocated in the South Oxfordshire Local Plan, a very extensive programme of public consultation and community engagement had been carried out.