Did you know that part exchanging your property can cut 122 days off the time it takes to sell?  We find out more on this following recent research by industry specialist Quickmove Properties…

Research by park home selling specialist Quickmove Properties has shown that while the bricks- and-mortar market may be cooling, with sales on the open market enduring lengthy delays, those opting to downsize to a park home can cut the average time of their transaction by 122 days, when part-exchanging their existing home.
The research from Quickmove Properties shows that, currently, the average bricks- and-mortar home is taking 136 days to sell, due to increasingly difficult market conditions. The data from Quickmove Properties also shows that it takes an average of 13 property viewings until a buyer is secured on the open market.
Shrewd decision

However, one method that many silver downsizers are utilising in order to bypass this market uncertainty and the current lengthy transaction times is part-exchange.
In doing so, they are able to reduce the time it takes to sell their home to as little as two to four weeks – that’s a potential reduction of 122 days.
When it comes to the most common property type to have been part-exchanged via Quickmove, terraced homes top the table, accounting for 26 per cent of all properties. Semi-detached home owners are also utilising the part-exchange path to selling, accounting for 25 per cent of all market activity, followed by those who own bungalows (23 per cent) and detached homes (17 per cent).

Increasingly popular
Sales director at Quickmove Properties, Mark O’Dwyer, commented: ‘Property part-exchange is becoming an increasingly popular path for many sellers who are looking to downsize to a park home and, in doing so, they are reaping the benefits.

‘The primary draw is the speed and security it provides, as well as the convenient, hassle-free process.

‘As the bricks-and-mortar market has started to slow and the landscape has become increasingly uncertain, the risk of delays and transaction fall-throughs has increased.

‘Part-exchange helps to negate these issues, reducing transaction times and avoiding the endless viewings until a proceedable buyer is found. It provides a certain sale and the peace of mind for those moving to their dream park home.’

Quickmove Properties is a leading specialist within the park home industry with the stated mission to be at the centre of every park home move. Established in 1998,

Quickmove Properties has been providing property part-exchange services for 25 years.

Quickmove Properties’ part exchange service provides homebuyers a quick, hassle-free way to sell a bricks-and- mortar property, avoiding uncertainty and up-front costs. For more, please call 0800 328 2168, email advice@quickmoveproperties.co.uk or visit: www.quickmoveproperties.co.uk