Spectators enjoy the bonfire and fireworks display at Love2Stay

Back in November, the Love2Stay holiday park resort, situated alongside Salop Leisure at Emstrey, opted for fireworks that did not have loud bangs during its annual display, to avoid upsetting pets owned by customers staying on the site.

Joint general manager Chris Skitt explained, ‘We decided to embrace the fact that 70 per cent of our customers are pet owners by making the fireworks pet-friendly. We chose fireworks that gave a great display but didn’t have big bangs, which was appreciated by our customers who own pets.

‘We also received positive feedback from parents of children who are autistic or have Asperger Syndrome. One parent told us it was the first time her son had been able to watch a firework display outdoors.

‘The display and bonfire were a massive success and we are delighted that we have had so many compliments from people staying at the resort and from others who live locally.’