Celebrating 100 years with Double-Deckerdence

The family behind Highfield Farm at Cadwell in the Lincolnshire Wolds is celebrating a hundred years on their working farm with the launch of a new luxury glamping venture.

Five generations of the Grant family have run the farm since 1923, beginning with businessman and potato merchant, William Spray.

Now, the family have launched their first new business on the farm, Wold of Your Own, which offers an amazing double-decker bus glamping retreat.

Fifth-generation farmer, Mathew Grant said:

“It is very humbling to think that I’m following in the footsteps of my father, my father’s father, my father’s father’s father and my father’s father’s father’s father. There’s a great deal of history in this land and it is an amazing achievement to have kept this family business going for so long. Through wars, crises and pandemics, we’ve grown food for the nation and we’re not stopping any time soon.

“We’re starting our next century on Highfield Farm with the launch of an exciting new glamping venture which starts with our phenomenal pair of converted double-decker buses which I’m extraordinarily proud of. We’re also increasing our focus on nature conservation and sustainability to give back to the land that’s supported us.”

Having developed a successful business as a potato merchant, William Spray purchased Highfield Farm to farm potatoes which he sold, alongside cooking fat and Grimsby fish, to fish and chip shops around Lincolnshire.

In the 1930s, an area of Highfield Farm was sold to ultimately become Cadwell Park Race Circuit. At its height, the farm employed more than 30 people, growing potatoes, peas and malting barley while rearing livestock including sheep, cows, pigs and chickens.

The farm even has a runway which was built for crop spraying and this is often used today by racers visiting Cadwell Park, including ‘Rocket Ron’ Ron Haslam, Steve Parish and commentators Jamie Whitham and Matt Roberts.

Having modernised with GPS mapping and digital recording in the 1990s, the farm has continued to diversify as the family invests in nature recovery, the establishment of new woodland, and sustainable farming practices. Now, they’re going further with the launch of Wold of your Own.

The family’s first glamping retreat, made out of two double-decker buses, is now ready to welcome guests. Perfect for stargazers and surrounded by mature trees, conservation mix fields, lakes and native wildlife, Double-Deckerdence is a jaw dropping feat of large-scale recycling that even featured on the Quest TV show Full Metal Junkies.

Sleeping six, guests can literally climb into bed along an interior climbing wall, get comfy in the driving seat and stargaze from an outdoor jacuzzi on the top deck.

The venture is a result of the family’s long-standing love of the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB as well as their passion for sustainability and their appreciation for the natural environment.

Mathew’s father, fourth-generation farmer Peter Grant said:

“This farm is our home and it’s also our family business so it’s an emotional moment to celebrate 100 years here. When I started properly working on the farm, it was my job to calve the 220 strong herd of Hereford cows and to spray the arable crops. My wife and I lived here and our children were born here, just as I was. Our farm has changed a lot during my life; we’ve embraced technology and science, we’ve diversified and we’ve taken great care over the land we call home. I’m very proud to have played my part in running Highfield Farm and of my son and daughter-in-law who are doing the same.”

For more information about the family’s glamping business, Wold of Your Own, please visit www.woldofyourown.co.uk.