We find out more about the plight of residents at a Derbyshire park who – until recently – lived with the looming spectre that their site could be permanently closed…

Residents at a Derbyshire site expressed their ‘joy and relief’ after the former owner sold the land to a new operator instead of carrying out its initial threat to close the park.

Residents at Ashfield Mobile Home Park, in Skegby, who had been facing eviction breathed a sigh of relief after the owners sold the land to a new company.

The company who purchased the site, Ashfield Mobile Homes Park Limited, have stated they intend to keep it as a residential park. Residents had previously received a letter from the previous site owner ATE Farms Limited stating its intentions to close the park in July last year.

Skegby councillors Will Bostock and Helen-Ann Smith have welcomed the sale after months of uncertainty for residents of the popular park.

Councillor Smith said: ‘This is a positive step for residents who’ve made the park their home. As soon as Councillor Bostock and I found out about the sale – we instructed the council to keep residents in the loop.

‘While the council are not responsible for the park – we are responsible for the health and safety of residents.

‘Both Will and I are pleased at the reassurances we have received from the new owners – we appreciate that the improvements that the new owners have committed to will involve some disruption for residents. As ever, we will do everything we can to ensure that the residents’ long-term future on the site is secured.’

Following the sale, Ashfield District Council met the new owners to advise them about the licensing requirements and also discussed the outstanding works as set out in the Health and Safety Compliance Notice issued to the previous owners by the council.

The new owners have given a commitment to undertake the works in a timely manner.