We learn more about a park home dweller on a site in west London who suffered online supermarket discrimination purely because she lives on a residential mobile home estate…

A park home resident has criticised Tesco after it refused to deliver shopping to her site because ‘caravans make drivers feel unsafe’.

Wendy Marks, 53, claimed she was told employees are scared to deliver to mobile homes. She said she has routinely used Tesco’s home delivery service over the last six months with no problems… until now.

She said the drivers were always ‘courteous and polite’ and never raised any issues about delivering to Mayfield Park, in West Drayton, west London.

So Wendy was baffled when her delivery did not arrive on 26 April. She claims they told her ‘they no longer deliver to caravan parks’ as the drivers felt unsafe’ after an incident at a nearby site, Mansion Lane. Wendy emphasised that her home was not located on a ‘caravan park’, but in fact a residential park site.

She told MyLondon: ‘Why did no one even have the courtesy to phone me to advise the delivery would not be happening? They just left me sitting there all afternoon waiting.’

Wendy demanded Tesco send out her shopping after her bill had already been taken from her bank account.

She eventually received the delivery the next day, but says the ‘driver made a big show of constantly looking over his shoulder’.

Wendy claims he told her he was ‘being cautious’, leaving her even more furious about the misconceptions regarding her area.

She said: ‘Mayfield Park is beautiful – it’s like living in the countryside. It’s the quietest residential area I’ve ever lived in. Each home is immaculate – they’re really looked after, they’re stunning places.’

Wendy has since sent a lengthy complaint to the store before getting in touch with Tesco head office, but claims she was again summarily fobbed off.

Bosses allegedly told her that it is up to the individual stores to decide where they will deliver to. Deliveries have since resumed at all home parks in the area.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: ‘We’re really sorry for the misunderstanding that led to Ms Marks’ not receiving her grocery order. We have reviewed the store’s delivery locations and are delivering to customers in both Mayfield Park and Mansion Lane.’