What’s your idea of the perfect holiday home location? By the coast or in the middle of the great British countryside?

Well, new data suggests that the UK staycation boom is set to continue into 2022, but Brits are changing their destination preferences, with countryside locations now competing against traditional coastal resorts.

A leading holiday home operator, Park Leisure, has explored both industry and internal booking data to pick out travel trends for the year ahead and, using these statistics, Lisa Williams, director of marketing and holiday sales at the company, has some predictions for 2022.

The first of these is that the countryside is growing in popularity as a holiday destination, with arrivals to the company’s resorts in Yorkshire and Herefordshire, close to the countryside, increasing by 95 per cent in 2021. Lisa also found that the ever popular Cornwall has got even more so, with Park Leisure’s data showing a nine per cent increase in visits last summer. Other growing trends revealed by Park Leisure’s analysis show that holidaymakers are keener than ever to support local economies, plus pets are also getting more into the holiday action, with Google searches for dog-friendly staycations up 143 per cent compared to 2020.