Most of us probably now know about emojis – those small symbols such as a smiling face, that can be sent on phone and social media messages. Well, holiday park operator Parkdean Resorts is launching a campaign to create a caravan emoji, which will see the company submit an official application to Unicode Consortium.

The emoji language is the fastest growing language in the world, with more than five billion emojis sent on Messenger every single day. There are 3,633 emojis currently available, however, despite significant diversification in emojis, there is currently no caravan of any kind, meaning that the millions of Brits who staycation every year on a holiday park have no way of sharing their holiday in emoji form!

Parkdean’s campaign will run across print, digital and social channels with the hashtag #ParkdeanCaravanEmoji, lobbying Unicode, the organisation that produces emojis, to approve the request for a caravan emoji,

Steve Richards, CEO of Parkdean Resorts, explained: ‘It’s crazy that in 2022 there’s no emoji for a caravan.
‘More than 3.5 million people visit our parks each year, and a huge proportion will message friends about their holiday, so it’s only right that they should have an emoji that shows their love for their staycation.’