Parksure Insurance received regular enquiries from customers about boiler cover and although at one time the company was unable to provide it, it is now available under the Home Care section of its Parksure Insurance policy.

For park homes not insured by Parksure a new boiler breakdown cover has been created called FlameSure. This is a stand-alone boiler breakdown cover, starting from as little as £2.79 a week, which includes an annual boiler service. When you consider a boiler service can start at around £75 and even a minor repair can cost £150 the benefits of having breakdown cover are clear.

While many insurance brokers will not cover boilers in mobile homes, not only will FlameSure cover them but offers decades of park home experience too.

Head to FlameSure‘s website for a quote and select your cover.

Why FlameSure?
● Boiler breakdown cover specifically aimed at park homes.
● Cover from as little as £2.79 a week.
● Annual service of your boiler.
● Emergency call out lines open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
● £500 cover for emergency repairs for any one event.
● Repairs guaranteed for 12 months.
● Alternative accommodation cost cover should your home become unsafe following an emergency.
● LPG, calor gas and oil boilers are not a problem with FlameSure!