Smart meters are now becoming increasingly common in our homes, as a way of showing how much energy we use and allowing us to change our usage because we can directly see the savings we are making. Well, the same sort of thinking is now being applied by holiday park operators to their entire sites.

One of the UK’s largest holiday park operators, Park Holidays, has chosen technology from specialist company ABB
to remotely monitor the energy usage at its parks. At Park Holiday’s Carlton Meres holiday park on the Suffolk coast, the installation of a new low voltage (LV) distribution board provided an opportunity to reassess its requirements and introduce a more digitally connected approach. So, ABB was called in to fit its Ability Energy and Asset Manager system to monitor energy consumption. This is now helping the park to achieve savings of up to 20 per cent on utility bills and up to 30 per cent on overall operational costs. ABB worked with a local panel builder and consultant on the new low voltage distribution board, equipping it with Emax 2 and Tmax XT circuit breakers.

Reeve Carter, UK national sales manager at ABB, explained: ‘With the increasing pressure on energy pricing in the UK, Park Holidays wanted greater real-time visibility and insight on how their assets were performing. The solution we installed does just that; it gives the team insight and knowledge that will help them to save as much energy as they can and keep their costs as low as possible, without impacting the overall guest experience.’

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