royal-celebration-stoSoap star Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Dingle in Emmerdale, was the first to pull a pint at recently re-opened pub The Royal, in the Cumbrian village of Silverdale. However, this time, the storyline centres on Silverdale Holiday Park in Cumbria, and not Emmerdale Farm. When guests at the park ask where to find a good local pub, staff no longer need to scratch their heads, since the park has bought them one of their own!

At a cost of £300,000, the family business rescued The Royal in Silverdale, and brought the pub back to life after it had stood empty for six years. The move has won acclaim not just from park customers, but also from the local community whose members include Emma Atkins herself.

Owner Michael Holgate said that, although Silverdale Holiday Park provides its own acclaimed restaurant, cafe and bar, guests occasionally fancy a change of scenery.

Until recently, local options were rather limited – but now, he says, they can enjoy the park’s high standards of food and hospitality just a few minutes’ walk away.