We find out more about a ‘life changing’ prize draw recently launched by one of the UK’s best known park operators…

A leading national bungalow provider for the over 45s is offering a prize draw in which savvy home buyers could win a life-changing sum of money.

RoyaleLife will gift one lucky customer £100,000 tax-free – the largest prize the developer has ever offered.
What’s more, the odds in favour of winning are far better than other large-prize events such as national lotteries.

Exciting giveaway
The exciting giveaway has been launched after a report, conducted by RoyaleLife, revealed a number of concerns for the over 50s in a post-outbreak world.

Ben Smith, marketing director at RoyaleLife, said: ‘Since the pandemic, we have seen a huge interest in our low-maintenance bungalows, which was further supported by our nationwide research which explored the resurgence in single-storey living.

‘One of the key points was that those over 50 are currently facing unprecedented financial challenges, which not only has changed homebuyers’ priorities, but has also led to those on the brink of retirement to put their plans on hold to preserve finances.

‘Furthermore, a third of those questioned claimed that their finances had worsened in the past year, causing many people to seek alternative options to free up cash, including downsizing.”

Ben continued: ‘With many developers looking to maximise profit by building family homes, there is an often-ignored plea for single-storey dwellings. The findings from the report fully supported our company-wide mission to bring low-maintenance, single-storey properties to the market while promoting the benefits of downsizing.’

Release some equity
When the decision is taken to move, RoyaleLife offers 100 per cent market value of the customer’s existing home, with its mould-breaking part exchange scheme to enable them to move into their chosen bungalow, while releasing valuable cash to fund their lifestyle – or provide an inheritance for their children and grandchildren.

‘With such a high-demand for single-storey homes – and retirees facing a huge financial burden thanks to the pandemic – we thought our exciting prize draw will not only highlight our response to this national issue but change the life of somebody in the process.

‘The chances of winning RoyaleLife’s £100,000 draw far exceeds that of other big-prize events as it is restricted to RoyaleLife customers.’

Every customer who completes their home purchase by 30 November will be able to enter RoyaleLife’s prize draw.

‘But it’s not just for new customers,’ added Ben. ‘Anybody who has bought a RoyaleLife home from 1 March 2021 has the chance to win.’

Find out more
RoyaleLife is one of the UK’s leading park operators with a heritage dating back to 1945 and is recognised for reliably redefining bungalow living in some of the best locations in the country. All homes come fully furnished with their own garden and private parking space. To learn more, please visit: royalelife.com/the-royalelife-100-000-prize-draw