Ibraheem Dulmeer, a park home barrister and mediator at Normanton Chambers, explains how he can help you with your legal issues…

It strikes me that many people do not realise that they can go directly to a barrister if they have any legal problem. Direct access enables a member of public to work directly with a barrister rather than going to a solicitor first.

I have advised thousands of people involved in the park homes world and leasehold world and the one thing they want is cost effective legal advice. Whether you are a park home resident or site owner, direct access may have the answer.


You might instruct a barrister directly to (non exhaustive):

  • Discuss your options in a meeting using Zoom or Skype (this can be in a group or individually)
  • Draft letters for you
  • Give you written advice about your case
  • Give you an opinion about your case
  • Draft court or tribunal paperwork for you
  • Represent you in court or tribunal
  • Buying your new or pre-owned home

When you have a legal issue, you may want to obtain initial advice on how to deal with the matter. In such a situation you don’t need a solicitor, you can go directly to a barrister.

In my opinion, you would want someone with the knowledge, expertise and experience to deal with your problem.


The main difference between instructing a barrister and a solicitor is that generally a solicitor will enter into a retainer to litigate a case, whilst a barrister under direct access undertakes bespoke work that is governed by the client care letter. This means that a barrister will not necessarily do all of the work relating to your matter.

The advice sought on a direct access basis will be more cost effective. This is because there would be an additional charge to process the papers by solicitors before the matter is eventually passed onto a barrister for an opinion. Using a direct access barrister means that you do not need to have the solicitor liaise with the barrister on your behalf.


The direct access route allows clients to have full control of how much is being spent at each stage.  Given the tumultuous times we all find ourselves in this can be financially comforting. As a direct access barrister myself, clients have appreciated the fixed fees with no hidden surprises!

Ibraheem accepts instructions on direct access, you may obtain a quote by contacting him by email on info@ibraheemdulmeer.com. You can also contact him using his website: www.ibraheemdulmeer.com.