Barrister and mediator Ibraheem Dulmeer, of Park Homes Law – – gets to grips with some of your most commonly asked questions…

Those thinking about purchasing a park home may often have questions about the process, including the legalities and whether background checks are required. Similarly, existing park home owners may have questions or unresolved issues that are troubling them or affecting them, day-to-day.

Ibraheem Dulmeer, barrister-at-law, specialises in park home matters across England and Wales. His expert knowledge and experience in this sector confidently provides individuals with the reassurance and assistance they need to address legal issues on park home matters.

He will use his expertise to answer topical questions for 2023, some of which are outlined below and he sincerely hopes the reader finds these interesting and useful.

The first part of this FAQs article covers questions that existing residents have, as well as those thinking of buying a park home. Please note that specific advice should always be sought when concerning large sums of money.

Q1. We have a dispute and want to resolve matters. Can you help and how?
A: Ibraheem has extensive experience working with park home residents and site owners, assisting them with resolving matters without the need for a Court or Tribunal. His approach is twofold:

1. To assist clients in understanding their legal position; and,
2. To present legal arguments to the other party in the form of legal correspondence, aiming to resolve matters either with their legal advisers or directly.
Once you get in touch, Ibraheem or a member of his team will provide an initial consultation, discussing and advising how to take matters forward with his involvement. You will be advised of the next steps and a comprehensive plan will then be put together detailing the work to be covered. All instructions are tailored to meet a client’s individual needs, guiding them through their dispute, step-by-step.

Q2. Do I need legal advice when buying a park home?
A: A common misconception from site owners and sales agents is that legal advice is not required when purchasing a park home. Ibraheem always strongly advises against this and advises that legal guidance is essential to safeguard your interests.
Whether choosing to buy a new park home (directly from a site owner) or a pre-owned park home, spending your life savings can feel daunting and is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Therefore, receiving the correct legal guidance and advice will provide the necessary reassurance and peace of mind needed.

It is also worth noting that the Government states that buyers and sellers are strongly advised to seek legal advice from a legally qualified professional who is independent from the seller or site owner.

Q3. We are a group of residents who want to form a Qualifying Residents’ Association (QRA). How do we do this?
A: A formal residents’ association is a useful forum for all residents on a park home site. It provides a platform where residents can voice and discuss any concerns they have, not to mention help bring communities closer together. In Ibraheem’s view, a formal association is also the most effective way to approach any issues with a park site owner, ensuring that residents get their views and opinions heard.

In the first instance, if your park site does not currently have a formal association in place, it is well worth considering establishing one. A QRA can provide a legally recognised platform for residents to resolve or address any issues faced or legal disputes in a collaborative manner. Please note: the site owner or their management are not obliged to address any issues raised by residents in an informal association and there are also specific requirements that need to be met before a formal QRA is recognised.