We find out what one of the UK’s leading specialist park home insurance brokers can do to help those with a rat problem.

Paul Baker Insurance Services(PBIS) are currently handling a Park Home Insurance claim for extensive damage to a park home caused by an infestation of rats, the damage is extensive and may well result in the home being written off.

It is difficult to imagine a more devastating and upsetting experience for the home owner, so far 33 rats have been caught, the smell was intolerable, the rats were everywhere, in the roof, the walls, under the home. Surprisingly perhaps many insurers exclude vermin damage, including a number of park home insurers. Fortunately for the home owner in this case her ‘Select’ policy with PBIS includes vermin damage. The policyholder is now living in alternative accommodation whilst insurers assess whether the home can be repaired, if it is beyond economical repair it will have to be replaced.

Many residential parks are in rural locations where mice especially may be more of a problem so it is well worth checking whether your park home policy includes vermin damage, if it does not perhaps should call PBIS FREE on 0800 0385 092.

Policies available from PBIS also include a 24 Hour Home Emergency Assistance Service, this includes damage caused by rats, mice, squirrels, wasps’ and hornets’ nests and provides a benefit of up to £1,000 per call out with their ‘Select’ policy and up to £250 with their’ Economy’ policy, up to 3 call outs per year are covered.

Most park home insurance policies include an excess, this is the amount you are obliged to pay in the event of a claim, this can be as little as £25 or as much as £1000 (usually in the event of subsidence damage), so it is well worth checking what excesses apply to your policy. Claims for loss or damage caused by the escape of water are the most common type of claim affecting park homes remembering that around 90% of the home is made of wood. A number of park home insurers apply what some would consider to be a very high excess of £250 for such claims.

Uniquely the ‘Select’ policy offered by PBIS is COMPLETELY EXCESS FREE, so whilst you may save £25 or more on a cheaper quote just remember in the event of a claim or two that saving will be more than wiped out!

For more information on PBIS, please visit www.pbinsurance.co.uk or telephone 0800 0385 093.