Specialist park and holiday home refurbishment company Superior Home Developments has been appointed an approved repairer to the prestigious Gold Shield Warranty scheme. Alex Melvin finds out more

Most park home owners will be aware that their new property is provided with a ten-year warranty. It is provided and administered on behalf of a select band of approved manufacturers and the National Caravan Council (NCC), one of the industry’s two main trade bodies.

This warranty scheme is called the Gold Shield and it operates an independent financial reserve that’s financed by park home manufacturer members, which ensures that homes registered under the warranty benefit from full structural cover for a ten-year period.

The home owner’s responsibility is to ensure that their home is well maintained. This includes regularly maintaining the external coated surfaces, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Gold Shield is able to offer a maintenance and repair scheme that ensures all the necessary repair work is made to a protected home to keep it within the conditions of its warranty. Known as ‘care packages’, Superior Home Developments has been appointed as approved repairers to carry out inspections and maintenance activities on behalf of GoldShield.

Customers who choose to take out a care package with Gold Shield receive an annual inspection. This inspection is to check the condition of the walls, roof, windows and chassis, with any minor defects dealt with at time of inspection.

Furthermore, choosing the ‘total care package’ ensures that your home is recoated with a quality coating to the recommended timescale.

For the full story please see the May 2018 issue.

For more information about the range of Gold Shield care packages, please visit www.goldshieldwarranty.co.uk or telephone Gold Shield on 0191 258 8170.