With rising gas and energy prices affecting everyone this winter, there’s no better time than now to look at preparing your home. We find out how The Home Improvement Project can help…

The Home Improvement Project offers a range of home improvement options that will help keep your park home insulated, warm and well protected, while also conserving energy and keeping bills down during the colder winter months. Director, Tony Jack, explained: ‘We have seen a huge surge in demand for services that not only reduce energy use, and therefore costs, by making park homes more efficient. They also bring a fantastic aesthetic improvement, really brightening up a property and making it stand out.

‘Changing windows and fascias on your park home can make it feel like new!’

See and feel the benefits
Did you know that figures from The Energy Saving Trust reported that as much as 20 per cent of a home’s heat loss occurs through its windows and doors?

The higher the rating, the more you will save on your bills – you will also enjoy a better thermal performance, with a vastly improved aesthetic, plus they are an enhanced security measure through a specialised multi-lock design. The Home Improvement Project focuses on using high grade windows for maximum efficiency and heat retention and minimum heat loss. Energy-efficient double-glazed windows are recommended by The Energy Saving Trust.

Replacing wall coatings and fascias will then protect walls and roof lines from the unpredictable Great British weather all year round. So, as well as making your park home look great while upping the thermal performance inside, you can also mitigate against weather damage, leaks and drafts by protecting your park home from the outside. Your home will be better protected, warmer and more efficient and all of this can make a crucial difference on energy usage and bills this coming winter.

Choose the experts
The Home Improvement Project has more than 50 years’ experience in home improvement and renovation and has created a trustworthy, solid home improvement service for people who want the right quality at the right price. Its expert team only uses the highest quality materials and processes. Staff are fully trained and each service comes with a ten-year service backed guarantee. This guarantees products and services comply with Government bodies, demonstrates public liability insurance and services are delivered with a robust code of conduct.

Karl, from Milton Keynes, a recent customer of The Home Improvement Project, left this glowing review: ‘I have heard all of the statistics about how much new windows and doors can save you, but I didn’t realise it was true until my windows were fitted. I am warmer, spending less on heating bills and the street noise is reduced too. A great job, thank you.’

The Home Improvement Project is currently offering a ten per cent discount on all services for park homes booked before December 2022, when quoting code THIPWR. Not only that, you’ll get a John Lewis voucher worth £50 as a thank you!

Top tips on how to keep your bills lower this winter

1. Check your timers – setting your timers earlier before you get up, but at a lower temperature for longer is cheaper than just turning it up to a higher temperature when you need it.
2. Block out the draughts – draught excluders are cheap to install and can make a difference to your yearly bills.
3. Windows, insulation, fascias and wall coverings – for a big impact, replacing windows, upgrading insulation and new wall coverings will provide barriers and protection from the elements and improve thermal efficiency, while updating and improving the look of your park home.

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