We get the lowdown on a specialist company that has been renovating park homes for many years, helping people to create and maintain their dream home

Based in Buxton, Dream Park Homes has been working in the park home sector for more than 20 years, covering an area that extends from the Midlands to the whole of Britain. The company’s owner, Charlie William, and his expert team of workers are able to undertake a wide range of jobs, from replacing the roof of a park home, to fitting a new bathroom or renovating a home’s chassis.

Dream Park Homes specialises in chassis maintenance and care, helping protect your property

A strong foundation
In recent years the company has perhaps become best known for its chassis renovation and insulation work. As the foundation for the whole structure of a park home, the chassis is vitally important but is often overlooked by home owners. If you live by the coast, sea air can cause a chassis to corrode rapidly and a general exposure to the elements, perhaps because the skirting has gaps in it, can also lead to corrosion wherever your home is located.

If the floor in your home feels uneven, this may be due to problems with your chassis or with the chassis supports. Also, if you have had additions such as a conservatory or porch added to it, these can also put additional strain on a chassis if they are not properly supported.

Dream Park Homes is able to fully survey the chassis of a home, using a state-of-the-art remote camera, and the firm is also able to show customers images of the chassis and any problems, so that they can then decide if they want to go ahead with any repair works.

As well as repairing and painting a chassis, the company also does a lot of underfloor insulation, which helps to reduce heat loss from your home and has the added benefit of reducing exterior noise penetration into your home.

Roofs and windows
As well as working under your home, the company can also repair roofs, from carrying out minor repairs to fitting a whole new roof. Dream Park Homes can also clean and recoat an older roof, to help prevent any future leaks. The company takes pride in using only the very best quality materials, including Brimet Tileform roof tiles, which are specifically made for park homes and come in a range of colours.

Dream Park Homes can also fit new windows and doors to your park home, again using quality products and ones that are specifically made for park home use.

This is important since standard domestic doors and windows are not designed for the timber frame construction of park homes.

A wide range of work

If your park home’s chassis supports need adjusting or replacing, Dream Park Homes can help

The company can also help with a wide range of additional jobs, such as exterior painting and wall repairs to a park home, as well as fitting new bathrooms.

Dream Park Homes’ bathroom expertise ranges from completely remodeling and refitting a bathroom, to replacing a bath with a large walk-in shower.

The company can also make special adaptions to bathrooms to make them suitable for use by disabled people.

Additionally, the firm can also change the wall and floor coverings in your bathroom, using a wide range of materials in different colours.

Quality guarantee
The company’s work comes with a 15-year guarantee for real peace-of-mind. If you have any work that needs doing to your home, Dream Park Homes will be happy to come out and provide you with a free quote for the work, as well as giving you expert advice as the best course of action.

Just give the company a call or fill in the quote request form on the website and somebody will get back to you.

Info point
Dream Park Homes is at:
6 Concert Place, Buxton SK17 6EE
T: 0800 001 6573
Mob: 07548 399335
E: dreamparkhomesltd@outlook.com
W: www.dreamparkhomes.com