After the recent sudden hikes in living costs, many home owners are choosing to downsize to modern and affordable bungalow-style park homes, and it’s easy to see why. This month, our big feature explains how the modern park home lifestyle can help beat the cost of living crisis…

A big benefit for home owners is the amount of equity released when downsizing (or ‘right-sizing!’) to a smaller, more manageable single-storey property.

Residential park home and part- exchange specialist, Quickmove Properties, reports that the value of equity released when customers downsize to residential parks is, on average, a staggering £100,010, tax-free! (This is based on Quickmove’s 227 most recent completions as of October 2021.)

Hundreds of buyers secure their dream home using Quickmove’s property part-exchange service, avoiding the usual stresses of selling their existing property on the open market. They also enjoy the fact that, on completion day, a significant amount of money is transferred to their bank account to make their retirement comfortable and enjoyable.

Customers love the fact that they can also keep hold of the keys to their existing home for two further weeks, so they can move at their leisure!

Park home living at picturesque and private communities like this one in East Sussex can be idyllic

Quickmove buy your existing house
Mr and Mrs Cox moved to a modern development in Dorset, made easy using part-exchange. Ron explained: ‘Quickmove buys your house so there’s nothing for you to worry about. The money was there in the bank right away – it was effortless. We’ve moved a lot of times, and this was the easiest move we’ve ever had – a really first class service!’

With many people worried about house prices crashing, part exchange is a great way to secure a good price for your home immediately, rather than risk the open market. Selling your home on the open market can take months, if not years, to find the right buyer, with Quickmove, your home can be sold and completed in a matter of weeks.

Exciting promotions to help you save money
With so much confusion regarding possible energy bills and fluctuations, what better way to budget than to know that your gas and electricity bills will be covered for the first two years in your new home?

A few of Quickmove’s partner parks are launching exciting promotions to help residents cope with any of the financial strain. Available at selected parks, any new residents who complete by 31 December 2022 are entitled to receive a payment. (Terms and conditions apply, please visit for more details.)

Survey shows park home ownership saves cash!
The cost-of-living crisis has caused many to consider how they can reduce household bills, with one solution being to downsize to a new but affordable residential park home.

In fact, a 2022 Quickmove Properties’ survey has indicated that moving to a modern residential park home can lead to considerably lower energy usage versus bricks-and-mortar dwellings. Quickmove Properties surveyed 812 residents who have made the park move for their observations on the resulting energy cost savings.

The survey of park home residents asked people to consider if moving to a park home was a good financial decision, and if they could estimate how their energy bills compared before and after moving to their park home.


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