Steve Rowe has some ideas for making money while at home…

We’ve come a long way since the days of ‘satanic mills’, when even children were forced to work in mills and factories. These days, some people can earn their living by just sitting at home in their favourite armchair, tapping on their laptop computer… what would Karl Marx have thought of that? For those park home residents who are living on a limited income, finding some sort of work that you can do from the comfort of your home is a great idea.

If you put your mind to it and start doing some research, there are actually plenty of opportunities to make a little extra money from working at home, especially in the close communities that make up most park home sites, from pet-sitting while a neighbour is away, to running an informal taxi service for residents who don’t have their own car. Add to this the fact that even your home itself could be a potential money earner and it’s certainly worth looking at the options. Here are a few ideas to think about.

If you’re thinking of buying a new or secondhand car now there’s certainly plenty to think about. Once you’ve got your car, there are plenty of other expenses to worry about but hopefully our tips will hep you to save a little on your day-to-day motoring costs.

1 Get surfing
As well as leading to the ending of some jobs, such as department store workers, the internet has made it even easier for others to earn money, often from home and with fairly simple tasks. The website lists top money paying websites, including ones where you can get paid just to Google on your computer, and ones where you just need to watch videos such as advertisements online to earn money. The website also has advice on working from home and lists companies that can help with this. With any home working ideas found on the internet or other sources, just make sure you avoid any scams, which usually ask you to send some of your own money up front, to set yourself up – this is usually a sure sign of a scam!

2 Rent a room
Websites such as have made it much easier to earn money from your home itself. This might be especially useful if you own a holiday lodge or caravan and want to earn money from it, but make sure that your site’s rules allow this. Park home owners could also consider taking in temporary house guests, but again make sure that this doesn’t break park rules. Alternatively, what about caring for neighbours’ pets while they are away, you might be able to make a little cash from this?


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