Working from your home is great way to earn extra cash. You can even earn from your home, especially if it’s a holiday home…

There are actually plenty of opportunities to make a little extra money, especially in the close communities that make up most park home sites, from pet-sitting while a neighbour is away, to running an informal taxi service for residents who don’t have their own car. Add to this the fact that your home itself is a potential money earner and it’s certainly worth looking at the options. Here are a few ideas to think about

1 Get paid to Google…
The internet has made it even easier for people to earn money from home, often from fairly simple tasks, which can be done in your own time. The website lists 36 top money paying websites, including ones where you can get paid just to Google on your computer, and ones where you just need to watch videos such as advertisements online to earn money. The website also has advice on working from home and lists companies that can help with this. With any home working ideas found on the internet or other sources, just make sure you avoid any scams, which usually ask you to send some money up front to set yourself up, this is usually a sure sign of a scam.

2 Temporary house guests
Websites such as have made it much easier to earn money from your home itself. This might be especially useful if you own a holiday lodge or caravan and want to earn money from it, but make sure that you site’s rules allow this. Park home owners could also consider taking in temporary house guests, such as foreign language students, usually for a week or two at a time, but again make sure that this doesn’t break park rules. To find out about agencies in your area that are looking for student accommodation, check out the internet or local newspapers etc. Website has some useful advice on hosting foreign students.

3 Take in domestic work
Okay, it’s not the easiest of work, but there are companies that run professional laundry and ironing services, for professional people who don’t have time to do their own laundry. These companies often used large-scale laundries to wash the clothes, but they are often looking for people to iron items like men’s shirts afterwards. There’s a useful 10-step guide to setting up a professional home ironing service on website, but you may just want to just start a small-scale informal service for residents on your park?

4 Baby and pet sitting
Childcare is a strictly regulated industry these days but there may still be opportunities to earn money from babysitting, or even pet sitting. If you are fairly active and have spare time, you may be able to look after local children while the parents go out for the night. Alternatively, you could start a dog walking service, perhaps starting by helping those people on your park who are no longer mobile enough to take their dogs out on a regular basis.

5 Sell online
Many people now make a good living from selling goods online from their home, so why not consider this? You could start by selling unwanted household items, perhaps using sites like ebay or even on local facebook groups, which is increasingly popular. If this goes well, perhaps you could even start to make and sell craft items online or, if you have a real business head, you could buy items in bulk online and then sell them individually online, but if this becomes too large in scale you may break the rules of your park home site when it comes to commercial trading, so always check first.