We check out chassis types with Gateway Chassis Solutions. Bella Brodie reports…

Not many of us tend to think too hard about the underside of our park and leisure homes, leaving that to the manufacturers we’re buying from to make sure they’re up to the job. And, of course, they do. In fact, many manufacturers go a step further than that by using chassis that exceed requirements to ensure that whatever the conditions your home is likely to encounter on its end destination park, you’ll be able to relax without worrying about it.

Gateway Chassis Solutions is increasingly becoming known as the go-to chassis supplier to the park and holiday home industry. With considerable investment in plant and equipment and its associated research and development centre, WheelLab, it’s no surprise to hear that the company has been working closely with several leading manufacturers to develop cutting-edge solutions that offer the optimum solution for both purpose and price. The approach is that it’s not just about adding more steel to the chassis, as that will increase the cost for the eventual owner, but more about making sure that each chassis is perfectly engineered for its intended purpose.

Its recently-launched Park Home I-Beam chassis was developed in response to demand from these manufacturers for a more cost-effective fully galvanised option, with the strength to support park homes and luxury lodges as they become bigger and heavier. Engineered to exceed residential standard BS: 3632, the Park Home I-Beam uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and 3D CAD modelling to ensure each chassis meets the structural requirements of the home that is built on it, allowing for variations in load distribution for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, which have heavier components. Changes in the way the Park Home I-Beam has been engineered, and that investment in new plant and equipment in-house to help make the process more cost-effective, have ensured that each chassis produced by Gateway Chassis Solutions is at the optimum price, strength and longevity for the requirement and potential location.

Greg Taylor who leads the WheelLab research arm said: ‘We believe the I-Beam is structurally the strongest available in the market in terms of load-bearing capacity. What’s also notable is that the way this new version is designed and assembled means that the fully-galvanised option is now more accessible than ever, offering high-corrosion resistance. That makes it the ultimate option for longevity and strength for today’s increasingly advanced park homes and lodges, giving peace of mind to those in coastal locations where corrosion could be an issue.’

New construction methods have also allowed the Park Home I-Beam to be transported in quantity, helping to reduce costs with a ‘win-win’ outcome for both Gateway Chassis Solutions and the manufacturers it supplies. Managing director Chris Ramsden added: ‘In the case of the fully galvanised Park Home I-Beam option, as manufacturers will be able to offer that at a more accessible price than ever, that could add a key selling point for the home or lodge in coastal locations.

‘For the home buyer, it gives peace of mind knowing that the unseen element of their home is built to the same high standards as the home or lodge itself; that it’s more than capable in terms of strength, and will last longer without needing attention.’

Gateway Chassis Solutions engineers chassis for every purpose, and the Strongbox is another advanced chassis used by many of the leading manufacturers, which can cope with larger models fom 55 to 65 foot long, and you’ll also find it supporting some of the latest innovative models to hit the market place. For flexibility and innovation, the Strongbox sometimes offers the perfect solution; by its very nature a powerful structure more than capable of holding each model it’s created to support.

Speaking of the ever-changing pace of holiday home production over the past few months, Managing director Chris Ramsden said: ‘We’re geared up to work closely with our customers to stay aware of their ever-changing needs, and that’s stood both us and our manufacturing customers in good stead, and will continue to do so. Manufacturers need more and more from their chassis partners in a marketplace which is continually evolving, and innovation, reliability and flexibility is all part of that need.’ So, what does that mean for those buying the homes? ‘We will be holding their homes up perfectly, but never from a time perspective!’


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