What are model standards for park home sites in England and Wales? We asked The Leasehold Advisory Service’s Manjit Rai to explain more…

At LEASE, we receive a number of enquiries about the site licence of a mobile home park and the typical industry standards and requirements.  This month, we thought it would be interesting to inform you about the Model Standards for Caravan Sites in England and Wales 2008. (These standards apply to those sites that contain permanent residential mobile homes.)

What are the Model Standards?
The Model Standards represent those standards normally to be expected as a matter of good practice on caravan sites (sites containing permanent residential homes). They should be considered by local authorities when applying licence conditions to new sites. In the case of existing sites, the local authority will need to decide whether it is appropriate for these new standards to apply. The Model Standards should be applied taking into account the particular circumstances of the relevant site, including its physical character, any relevant services, facilities or other amenities that are available within or in the locality of the site and other applicable conditions.

What do the Model Standards contain?
The Model Standards specify the layout and provision of facilities, services and equipment for mobile home sites.  The local authority will consider these standards in applying the conditions that may be attached to a site licence. An example of a standard is the name of the site displayed on a sign in a prominent position at the entrance to the site, together with a copy of the licence and contact details of licence holder or site manager.

A local authority may decide that this standard should be applied to the site licence in order that the display of the licence itself   can be easily accessible to the home owners and that they have out of hours contact details in the event of an emergency on a site.


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This article is not meant to describe or give a full interpretation of the law; only the courts can do that. If you are in any doubt about your rights and duties, please seek specific advice. The law discussed covers matters pertaining to English and Welsh law only.



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