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It’s cookery corner time! What’s your favourite winter fare?

Peace of mind...

blogIt may not be the most glamorous of subjects, but we all need insurance and, in the event of a disaster like a fire or flood, insuring your home can be crucial. But only if you’ve selected the correct cover for your home. Park homes, leisure lodges and static caravans are very different types of properties to bricks-and-mortar dwellings and, subsequently, are better protected by specialist insurance policies.

Fortunately, we’re turning the spotlight on insurance once more in your exciting December issue. As well as an unrivalled A to Z of all the industry’s biggest and best-known brokers, we also delve deeper to bring you details of some great new policies for 2017.

Parksure, for instance, has launched a specialist boiler breakdown plan especially for park homes, called Flamesure Insurance. It matters not if you do not currently insure your home with Parksure; you can still benefit from the peace of mind of knowing your boiler is protected through Flamesure. And the scheme covers mains, Calor, LPG and oil functioning boilers,too! Our insurance compendium also features a selection of expert tips on looking after your property to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep it safe, extend its longevity and save money. Turn to page 65 and let the fact-finding mission begin!

Away from insurance, we’ve got some lovely community-based stories in your action-packed December issue. A number of brave fellas on a Hampshire park recently bared all for the camera, producing an altogether different sort of 2018 calendar in aid of a prostate cancer charity. We get ‘up close and personal’ with the plucky volunteers on page 28!

North of the border, we visit a residential park near Glasgow that has just benefited from a state-of-the-art new ‘community  hub’. The multi-million pound centre will allow the park’s residents to enjoy even more fun-packed activities and social time together on what is already a friendly and welcoming site. Find out more on page 23.

On the home front, we travel to Northamptonshire to see Tingdene Homes’ fantastic new factory expansion and find out how the extra space and innovative production features will boost the company in the coming years (see page 57).

It’s not just established manufacturers like Tingdene in the news though. We also have information and updates on a wealth of newboys like Red Rose and Aspire.
Enjoy the issue!

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Alex Melvin, Editor

 December 2017 - buy it here

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It's a real winter warmer

blogIt’s starting to get cold again. The nights are well and truly drawing in and the morning frost is not far away. But I’m not being maudlin about summer’s slow death - far from it! The winter months can be some of the most spectacular when you live in a park home community. There are lots of fantastic walking and cycling opportunities around the UK’s best parks but, if you’d rather hunker down and semi-hibernate for the coldest season, there’s even more to look forward to!

Many sociable park homers get together to arrange warming coffee mornings and the like, while indoor sports and hobbies like snooker, darts, rummy and the bingo come into their own. Then there’s the magnetic pull of Christmas and all that that entails. While the rest of the country may be fretting about placing their internet orders in time, or whether to take out that second credit card in time for the festive season, park home residents tend to do things differently. Having downsized, released some equity or paid off that mortgage, Christmas can be a bit less stressful. Park home residents are also a thrifty and resourceful lot who often get together to enjoy ‘olde worlde’ activities like making cards, wrapping paper - even the presents themselves. Amazon eat your heart out!

Most of these winter time activities are cheap, if not free, but one aspect of this time of year that most certainly isn’t free is the gas and electricity we consume. With most households’ bills on the rise again this year, while the value of the pound in your pocket depreciates, many of the oldest and most vulnerable in our community face a worrying period.

That’s where the knowledgeable specialists within the park home industry can help. Once again, we’re bringing you our unmissable A to Z of trusted industry companies to help get you through the winter.

Our essential guide to a whole range of experts that specialise in the park home and holiday home sector includes more products and services than ever for 2017! We have details of companies that can insulate the walls, roof or the underneath of your home, as well as suppliers who can provide you with the latest in energy-efficient boilers and heaters, and much more! You won’t find our directory anywhere else so turn to page 51 and get started.
Enjoy the issue!

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Alex Melvin, Editor

 November 2017 - buy it here

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Busy, busy, busy!

BlogAhead of another mouth-watering month of shows and events, we’ve got a bumper harvest of parks and homes for you inside your fantastic October issue!

As we went to print, the industry was getting ready for the hotly-anticipated Lawns Caravan Extravaganza, and the neighbouring Cottingham Golf Club event, which both take place near Hull.
In a busy month of events, The Lawns organisers - the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Caravan Manufacturers’ Association (Hercma) - will also host another top event from the Beaulieu estate in the New Forest, in Hampshire.

For those further south, there’s also the Westpoint Show, which sees thousands of outdoor enthusiasts flock to Exeter to run the rule over the latest lodges, caravans and specialist products and services.

We’ve got previews and essential information on the shows so you won’t miss a thing thanks to your favourite monthly magazine. Turn to page 82 and let the fun begin!

The industry likes to show its best side during a big season of events so we’ve got more parks and homes than ever this month!

We visit top residential sites in Surrey, Kent, Dorset, Cumbria and North Lanarkshire, as well as idyllic holiday options in Worcestershire and Northumberland. Turn to page 10 to start exploring!

On top of all this, we’re bringing you an extra selection of great new homes from big name manufacturers including Wessex, Willerby, Prestige & Homeseeker, Omar, Tingdene, Aspire, Pathfinder, Red Rose and Oakgrove. You won’t find a more comprehensive range in any other trusted publication (see page 44).

We’ve also got some exciting lifestyle features like our in-depth article on how to save money on your fuel bills. With winter soon on its way, now’s the time to start thinking about these important things (see page 60).

If you’re a nature lover (and many park homers are), look out for our wildlife expert’s feature on the decline of our native hedgehog population on page 62.

Finally, we’ve got an intriguing feature on Omar Homes’ brand new refurbishment service that we’re sure will be of interest (see page 70). Enjoy the issue!

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Alex Melvin, Editor

 October 2017 - buy it here

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A month to savour!

septwelcome2It’s been another frenetic month in the park home world. As I type, the industry, along with thousands of prospective home buyers, are gearing up for The Lawns show, which is set to take place at Cottingham, in East Yorkshire, at the beginning of September.
The event, which attracts tens of thousands of prospective park home, static caravan and lodge buyers from all over the UK and Europe, is undoubtedly one of the season’s highlights. It all happens just a couple of miles from the centre of Hull - 2017’s UK City of Culture.

Fans of the great outdoors will surely agree that the quintessentially British pastime of caravanning certainly adds plenty to the rich culture of our isles.

So let’s all celebrate Hull’s biggest and most successful industry, the caravan sector, in this important year for the city.

Turn to page 79 for our in-depth preview of the east of England’s premier caravanning event!

Away from the show circuit, we’ve got parks aplenty to savour this month, including the grand unveiling of 2017’s Park Home & Holiday Caravan Park of the Year champion site.

Sponsored once again by insurance specialists Towergate, this year’s edition was as hotly contested as ever. It’s with great difficulty, but also great pleasure, that I can reveal that this year’s elite park is Takeley Park, near Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. We’ve got a super review of the site, and the day’s award presentation and revelries, on page 10.

As if such excitement wasn’t enough, we’ve also got lots of stunning new homes, legal and buying advice and lifestyle features for you, including topics as diverse and eclectic as birdwatching and Sudoku.

We hope you enjoy perusing your exciting September issue as much as we did putting it together. At this time of year there’s so much going on, it can be tricky to find the time to take stock of it all. Rest assured though, there’s rarely been a better time to take the plunge and join the mobile home community. While other sectors struggle in these uncertain times, ours is well and truly bucking the trend and it’s fantastic to see!

SeptCoverAlexAlex Melvin




Alex Melvin, Editor

 September 2017 - buy it here

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A fitting showpiece...

augblogThis summer’s World of Park & Leisure Homes Show, which took place at Stoneleigh Park, in Warwickshire, was undoudtedly a stunning success and a fitting annual showpiece for all that’s good within the industry.

A debt of gratitude should most certainly be paid to the event’s long-serving organisers, Jo and Pat Turner.

The tireless pair are two recognisable, friendly faces who everybody meets upon entering the free event. Whether you’re a member of the public, looking for help in finding a particular exhibitor or the nearest eatery, or one of the trade (like us!), who needs assistance with their stand, the Turners are always there for you! Thanks again Jo and Pat - we all had a ball!

If you are a member of the trade and would like to book a place at next year’s show, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Turners by email on:

Indeed, the industry itself should also be lauded and applauded for its sterling endeavours in coming together so effectively, once again.

There were more than 50 state-of-the-art new homes on display. I particuarly enjoyed running the rule over the fabulous Prestige, Omar, Wessex, Pathfinder and Tingdene stands. There really was something for everybody, but Prestige’s Bella Vista - reviewed here on page 30 - and Omar’s Accent (page 34) were two really thought-provoking options. I’m sure other showgoers have different opinions though, and I’d love to hear them. Get in touch at the usual email address if you’d like to talk me through your Stoneleigh favourites!

It wasn’t just the grand-standing park homes and lodges that wowed the crowds though. As one of the industry’s loyal service providers ourselves, we at PH&HC can certainly testify to the importance of this event in the annual calendar.

It really is the best place for park representatives and specialist suppliers and service providers from a wealth of different fields to meet existing and prospective park home buyers, as well as forge valuable inter-trade connections.

If you missed the show, or attended but just want to find out more about what caught our experts’ eye, turn to page 50 for our extensive show review.
Enjoy the issue!

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Alex Melvin, Editor

 August 2017 - buy it here

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Summer breeze...

julyblogAfter a long, cold winter, it fi nally feels like summer has arrived. If you’re a park home dweller, the chances are you’re a big fan of the warmer months. Choosing to live in a park setting probably means that making the most of the great outdoors is important to you. Now that the lengthier, balmier days are here, there are many ways you can do that from the comfort of your own home. Who wouldn’t enjoy a cold pint or glass of vino on a lovely park or lodge home’s veranda after a day spent exploring the countryside or coast around their site? Or an impromptu park barbecue, organised by the friendly denizens on the park’s social club committee? Our uniquely welcoming community is probably one of the UK’s best places to make the most of this short, but oh-so-sweet, season.

But, as well as enjoying some much-needed R&R with park neighbours and friends, the summer also sees opportunities aplenty to visit specialist park home shows and events.

As you read this, the annual World of Park & Leisure Homes Show, which rolls into Stoneleigh Park, in Warwickshire, each year, will be taking place. Following on from our extensive 63-page guide to the event in our previous issue, we bring you some exciting, last-minute, breaking show news in your July issue (turn to page 121 for more information).

While all eyes will inevitably be on Stoneleigh from 8 to 11 June, there’s lots more to grab the attention of park and holiday home owners this month. We’ve got some fantastic sites and new models for you to explore! Our park home team travel to Surrey, Herefordshire, Cambridgeshire, Devon and Berkshire to run the rule over a fabulous selection of picturesque parks in des-res locations.

Special mention should go to Warfield Park, in Bracknell: the nation’s second largest park home estate has just won a top eco award for raising the standard of energy efficiency in its rental homes.

Well done to Warfield and very interesting indeed if you’re looking to cash in on your bricks-and-mortar property and rent for a while, before buying your dream park home. Turn to page 10, where your parks section begins in earnest!

On the home front, there are reviews of a brace of homes from Wessex and Willerby that are sure to excite (see page 44).

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Alex Melvin, Editor

 July 2017 - buy it here

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