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What is your favourite thing about owning a park home or lodge?

Reaching out and having fun!

newsNew Park’s community association is something of a revelation. At present, the organisation boasts a whopping 356 members with only 30 homes out of 248 without a member. On such a large park, that’s truly impressive.

Chairman Colin Back explained: ‘We aim to reach out to all residents. In 2012 the association was rescued from closure by the current committee; it was reformed and a new approach led to a vibrant and caring association for the whole community.
‘In 2016 we won a prestigious best residents’ association competition, the runner up for best resident and also runner up for best manager.’

The group has received help and support from Paul Baker, of Paul Baker Insurance Services, and Cathi Foale, from Park Home Chassis Services. Colin said, ‘With Cathi’s encouragement, we have been able to reach out to other associations and shared ideas.  We have also broken down barriers with local councillors, our MP, and other local dignitaries, and become a real part of the Bovey Tracey community.’

The association puts on more than 24 events each year and they all sell out. ‘The one thing it was thought we would never achieve was a fete as we do not have a clubhouse or a common lawn or field to use,’ added Colin. ‘However, the association created the fete around the homes using the roads and driveways. We have just completed our fifth one – each year they have a different theme.
‘We now have more than 300 attending from the park and surrounding area.’

The association also produces its own entertaining and informative magazine, so that members can keep abreast of the multiple goings on at the park! At such a busy park, it certainly needs one!

Well done Colin and the New Park Community Association! If your park has a similarly successful association, please drop us an email at and let us know all about it!