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What is your favourite thing about owning a park home or lodge?

I just love the welcoming people and the community spiritedness - 50%
The value for money of the homes and the lower living costs - 0%
The great location of my park and the fact that it’s so peaceful and secure - 50%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 19 Jan 2018 - 13:52

An unusual ‘forced entry’!

An unusual ‘forced entry’!Specialist park home insurer Towergate receives a wide variety of claims, none more so than this one! Its policy covers collision involving aircraft, animals and vehicles and while Towergate has yet had to deal with a claim for a collision with aircraft or animals, claims involving collision with vehicles do happen from time to time.

In this case the driver of the vehicle (who was not the home owner or anyone related to them) was under the influence of alcohol and has clearly lost control.

Fortunately nobody was badly injured but, as can be seen the home from our extraordinary picture, the park home had been seriously damaged.

Towergate will be handling the claim, managing the repairs - assuming the home is capable of being properly repaired - or arranging its replacement with a brand new equivalent  if it has been damaged beyond economic repair. If necessary they will also arrange and cover the costs of temporary alternative accommodation.  


Given the circumstances of the accident Towergate will being pursuing a full recovery of the costs of the claim from the motor vehicle insurer.

Towergate’s Park Home Account Director Paul Baker said, ‘While the picture is spectacular clearly the circumstances are very worrying and could have resulted in serious or even fatal injuries to both the driver and the occupants of the home. We shall be doing our very best to ensure that our policyholders are properly looked after and their home is repaired or replaced to their entire satisfaction.

‘Claims of this nature are uncommon but do happen from time to time. Because many homes are sited adjacent to roadways we often get claims for minor impact damage to boundary walls and fences and occasionally to the home itself. This particular claim however is exceptional.’  
For more information about Towergate Insurance, please call Paul Baker on 01242 538403 or visit